Do frogs hibernate? How about blogs?

Well apparently Frog Blogs do! It's been quite the 1st winter for us as we continue to improve your experience at the Frog. Football season has come and gone, March Madness ended but not before the ice went out... So here we are. 

Lots has happened inside, too! Wings are gone, pizza and a pitcher is in for Wednesday nights. The Burger of the Week has taken off. Celebrity Chef of the Month has not. We've got some banquets under our belts as well as some holiday dinners and our staff continues to improve the service they offer our guests. 

Click to see April's Feature Menu

Click to see April's Feature Menu

April specials are likely to be some most popular so far. You can find them here.

Looking ahead, expect some big changes to our outdoor seating area this spring/summer. We're highly anticipating long summer evenings shared with friends and spent looking over the Larrabee. Leave us comment or give this a share if you'll be out there with us.